I hesitate booking a massage!

As a massage therapist, I know first-hand the benefits massage can have. However, I’m always interested by the reasons people give as to why they don’t get a one.

Here are a few of the reasons I hear most.

1 I don’t know if the massage therapist is a trustworthy and professional one. 

If it’s hard for you to decide which therapist to choose, start with checking on the internet and read carefully the websites.

The first overall impression can make a choice so much easier. Try to find testimonials or even better if possible contact one.

Word to mouth is the most efficient source of trust.

Finally call your selection of therapists and ask for a 5 minute appointment.

You will directly or not feel comfortable by the way the conversation goes. If you have doubts about their professional background, ask where they’ve studied and even if they have diplomas to show.

2 I’m not satisfied with my previous treatment so I hesitate to book again.       

There are hundreds of different reasons why clients are not satisfied about their massage session.

Maybe the pressure wasn’t enough or way too strong, the music, temperature or ambiance wasn’t correct or they just expected a different experience and were frustrated with the result.

It all comes back to….communication!

When I have a new client, I start with a 15 minute interview.

I want to understand what the client’s needs and expectations are in order to establish a made to measure treatment. Even with regular clients I will discuss each time the next treatment as they will have different needs and are in different moods each time they come.

You’re unique, it’s your massage and each treatment can be very different from the one before.

Also don’t hesitate to speak up during the massage when something is bothering you.

A good therapist will always listen and adapt immediately on your demand.

3 I don’t feel comfortable being touched. 

When thinking of massage we generally have in mind receiving oil massages. These type of techniques are done with the body undressed covered with towels or sheets.

Although professional therapists scrupulously respect your intimacy, some clients aren’t comfortable with the idea lying on table or being touched by a ‘stranger’.

Your therapist will be happy to explain how the massage will be given and will propose different solutions and possibilities that exist in order for you to understand and completely relax during your treatment.

First of all, a massage therapist is never present in the room when the client undresses and dresses her/himself.

It’s you who decides which clothes you want to keep on during the treatment and which specific areas you want to have massaged and not.

You can always keep your underwear on and the body is kept completely covered except for the massaged zones.

If you still feel uncomfortable you can try a dressed massage like Shiatsu, Korean, Thai or foot reflexology.

These are very efficient ancient massage techniques and executed fully dressed.

Communication during the massage can be reinsuring as it will calm you and will anticipate each technique and posture.

4 I don’t like to be massaged by a man or a woman.  

As a male massage therapist, I sometimes have specific demands for a female masseuse and  my female colleagues have opposite demands.

This is understandable as we all come from different backgrounds and cultures. When a client hesitates choosing between male or female therapists, the best advice I give is to find a massage therapist you like!

Find someone you can trust and feel comfortable with!

Check the website and testimonials. Take the time to know them, follow them on social media and ask all questions you have.

If you get a good vibe, go for it!

Who cares if it’s a man or a woman!

And ask to yourself: do I choose a doctor according to his gender? I bet, not!  And in this case, it’s usually more intimate than a massage session.

When having doubts in booking your massage try to find a massage therapist that will carefully listen to all your questions and concerns.

He or she will take the time to make sure that you feel completely comfortable and serene in order for you to fully appreciate your treatment.

There should be no reason not to enjoy the amazing benefits that a massage can offer to your body and mind.