How to warm my cold feet in Saint Jeannet?

Some people tend to have colder feet naturally, without an underlying disease.

When your feet naturally tend to get cold, you may just need to take extra precautions in cold weather to protect them.

But if your cold feet are constantly bothersome, there are more things you can do.

Of course, many factors can make your feet cold.

Your own body has a baseline and its natural response to cold temperatures.

The most common health-related conditions that can cause coldness in your limbs are related to poor blood circulation or nerve damage in your feet.

But others disease or deficiency can cause coldness in your feet, as:

Anemia (for example caused by an iron deficiency)
Nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy)
Raynaud’s syndrome
Vitamin B12 deficiency

In that case, see your doctor. There may be an underlying disease or condition that needs to be treated.

No matter what’s causing your cold feet, it’s important for your comfort to warm them up.

Here are some remedies:

Wear warm socks even inside, and especially in your bed.

Exercise daily, including walking, to improve your blood circulation.

Do small jumping in place (like you do with a skipping rope)

Rub your feet with your hands

Relax your feet in a warm bath a small handful of coarse salt, or Epsom salt, topped with a few drops of lavender essential oil.

Massage your feet.

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