How sport massage can help you with your sport practice in Mougins

Summer is the best period of the year to do sports, and especially summer sports as swimming, surfing, all water sport or running, biking, tennis can take their toll on muscles and joints.

Whether you’re a recreational or competitive sports practitioner, the repetitive motion or movements of certain sports (like swimming, running,) will have a tendency to cause either knots or strains on the muscles you use for them.

If you don’t practice regularly during the year, all this sudden activity can have side effects such as sore muscles, inflamed muscles and general tiredness.

If you’re exercising too much you will have too much lactic acid in your muscles and will get knots and muscle spasms.

So, regular massages can help prevent and reduce your aches, pains, knots and strains.

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Of course, a massage also has mental benefits, like reducing stress, and gives you a better general relaxation.

Massage can reduce the risk of injury and improve performance.

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So if you include regular massage in your training routine, you lower the risk of injury, you increase the fluidity of movement and you reduce tightness in your muscles.

Massage can be performed before your sport session or after. It depends on your goals during your sport session.

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Massage will help stretch your muscles and increase blood circulation.

Stretching is also very important when you do a sport. So you can stretch yourself or have a sport massage with stretching.

In addition to regular self-stretching, massage is very good for maintaining your flexibility.

A sport massage works on your muscles as well as your joints, and it keeps your joints more fluid and helps to prevent injury.

Getting regular sport massage from a professional massage therapist, with the goal of increasing your flexibility, is a great way to prevent pain and injury and increase your performance.

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