Get rid of your stiff neck and sore back with a Deep-tissue massage by Blue Tree massage in Cannes area

We live stressful and hectic lives!

Work stress and anxiety combined with a sedentary lifestyle are putting lots of strain on our body and mind.

We are also way less active than 30 years ago!

We sit behind computers all day, or spend hours in front of a screen watching television or playing video games.

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Our heads are bent down and our backs are twisted for longer periods of time.

This can create on the long run severe chronic neck, shoulder and back pain.

Regular sports activity, stretching and core muscle strengthening is important to help prevent muscles aches.

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When back muscles are strong and flexible, they can support better bad posture, stress and tension.

But as these activities take time and patience, a quicker way to fight chronic back pain is receiving a deep tissue massage from Blue Tree massage!

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A well-executed deep-tissue massage immediately relieves aches, as specific massage techniques are applied on all the tight and sore muscle groups of the body.

At Blue Tree Massage, first the muscles will be warmed up and prepared.

Then Deep-tissue techniques are applied, involving mainly very slow and deep strokes combined with pressure points on tight areas and muscles knots.


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The results are that blood and oxygen circulate better and acids in the muscle tissue dissolve.

A deep-tissue massage from Blue Tree massage can be a bit uncomfortable and sometimes even painful.

It is normal that pressure on sore muscles can be sensitive, although pain should never exceed a certain level of discomfort.

9 out of 10 times, clients feel instant relieve as the numbing pain has decreased or even disappeared.

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Another important reason why clients book deep-tissue treatment is that it procures profound relaxation which increases the overall well-being of the body and mind.

Blue Tree Massage operates on the French Riviera, mainly in the Alpes Maritimes, in the principal towns along the coast (Cannes, Antibes, Cagnes Sur Mer, Nice, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Villefranche, Monaco, Menton…) as well as further inland (Valbonne, Biot, Roquefort les pins, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, Vence…).