Eliminate stress with a Blue tree relaxing acupressure massage in Sophia Antipolis

One of the most efficient ways to eliminate stress is by offering yourself or your loved one a relaxing oil massage.

blue tree massage no stress in sophia antipolis


The benefits are immediate as your body and mind ‘switches off’ for the duration of the treatment and you will feel lighter and more serene afterwards.

At Blue Tree Massage, if specifically asked for, we add an extra dimension to your treatment, by applying acupressure to further increase the level of relaxation.

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Acupressure is based on Chinese medicine in which precise points on meridians will be activated by applying pressure with thumbs or index fingers.

The energy that will be released through the pressure will rebalance the body and mind, so stress and anxiety will disappear quicker and longer lasting.

Certain points can be a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, as energy is blocked, but slowly the discomfort fades away and you will find profound calmness and serenity.

As one of our clients once said; ‘After the treatment it’s like I’m in a bubble and the outside world is pushed a bit further out’!

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Many clients book a Blue Tree acupressure massage in the comfort of their home, as the treatment, just before going to bed, will make them sleep longer and better.

So if you can relate to any of these symptoms, book this massage today so you can experience yourself how relaxed you can feel!