Do you need a vacation during or after your vacation?

Finally… summer has arrived!

The moment we’ve waited for all year! For most of us, July and August are the most favourable months of the year.

Of course, weather-wise, they bring us the sunshine and warmth which our bodies have been craving.

But it’s also the perfect time to connect with family and friends.

The kids are out of school and we get together with our loved-ones to create memorable moments together.

Some plan adventurous or exotic trips as far as possible from home, while others enjoy weeks lounging around the pool or on a beach, or organizing activities as diverse as hiking or paragliding to cooking or painting classes.

Although everyone wants to make this year’s summer holiday the most memorable ever, many of us forget to think about ourselves.

It’s all about giving, preparing, organising and pleasing others, without including yourself in the process.

Do you start to panic in spring when thinking about the task of creating the best holiday ever?

You are definitely not the only one who doesn’t want to disappoint family and friends by saying; well this year it’s me first, I really don’t care, figure it all out yourself!

It’s the pressure of being the perfect host, guide and planner that’s exhausting and stressful.

If you need a vacation during or after your vacation because all you do is run around and make sure everyone is having a blast from early morning till dawn, chances are you’re forgetting your own wellbeing and happiness.

If you can relate to feeling trapped in a crazy rhythm, have difficulties sleeping or you’re feeling frazzled while being on holiday, here are 7 easy and efficient things to do that will help you find balance and create your daily Zen moment.


1- Block out 30 minutes for ME-time.

Allow yourself 30 minutes ME-time, preferably in the early morning. Go for a walk barefoot on the beach, have a coffee on a quiet terrace, or simply lie in the morning sun.

If possible turn this ME-time into a daily treat. Let yourself shut everything out, and allow your body and mind to just float for 30 minutes.

This will boost your energy levels and will allow you to get a fresh start each day.

2- Slow down

If you are the ‘dedicated holiday organiser’, try to cut down on the activities.

Maybe you’re planning too much trying to please everyone.

Stop, take a minute and think about what you are doing and ask if it’s bringing more stress than fun for you.

It’s not the quantity of activities but the quality that matters.

When slowing down the pace and limiting the number of activities, you’ll have more time to enjoy the moment, instead of running around all day on a tight schedule!


3- Book a massage treatment

People have been getting massages for thousands of years, as it has proven to be one of the most powerful remedies to fight stress, anxiety and insomnia.

While getting a massage, the body slowly enters a state of deep relaxation and well-being.

You may even fall asleep, so the body and mind will recuperate even faster.

Why not offer yourself a massage in the comfort of your home?

You don’t have to worry about driving, parking and being on time.

After the treatment you can stay in your bubble at home and continue enjoying the serenity and peace surrounding you.

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4- Stay away from technology

Being connected to the world has become a necessity for almost all of us.

Our phone, tablet and computer are literally glued to us.

Each ding or ring will instantly have us fixated over and over again on our screens.

But honestly, is all the information we receive and send worth being read every moment of the day?

And if you’re occupied by sending your holiday photos on FB and Instagram several times a day, maybe you’re wasting precious hours.

Try to limit the use, or even switch off completely your electronic devices.

It seems harder than you think, but after a few days you will be pleasantly surprised at the sudden feeling of freedom.

Ask your loved ones to do the same and enjoy real quality time together.

Setting an automatic reply is a small trick that will take the stress of you.

Chances are, the emails, texts and messages will certainly wait until you’re done relaxing!


5- Get plenty of sleep

A vacation is the best time to recuperate from a lack of sleep earlier in the year.

But sometimes when our daily rhythm changes and we stay up late and sleep-in too long, we often have difficulties getting a good night’s sleep.

Try not to eat too late, and limit alcohol use.

Try not to go to bed too late, than wake up a little earlier and get a relaxing start of the day without rushing.

Allow some time to relax before going to bed, with no last minute things to.

A 15 minute snooze in the afternoon can do wonders to re-boost your energy for the rest of the day!

6 Connect with nature

As most of us live hectic lives and are often indoors, we tend to forget that we are a part of nature.

Enjoying outdoor activities alone or with family and friends is extremely important in order to find balance and wellbeing.

Connecting with nature is the best way to empty your head and to get rid of stress.

Even if you’re not the sporty type, a daily 30 minute walk or bike ride will do wonders.

But if you dare, why not sign-up for some more adventurous activities, or try something new to do?

Your loved ones will have a blast and it will provide long-lasting memories.


7 Breathe!

Of course you do! But are you taking time to do it correctly? Probably not.

If you concentre on your breathing, stress and anxiety will decrease and falling asleep will become easier.

Take a few moments during the day, or just before going to bed, and do these simple exercises for 5 minutes.

Close your eyes and breathe-in through the nose for 4 seconds and exhale through the mouth for 6, and do it by breathing from the stomach and not from the chest.

Concentrate on the exercise and nothing else.

Relax your body and you’ll notice how fast your mind calms down.

Another great way to get rid of stress is acupressure.

Find out in the next article how you can relax yourself by simply using 6 easy acupressure points!

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