Treat yourself with a Deep-Tissue massage from Blue Tree Massage when hiking in La Gaude, St-Jeannet and Gattieres

You have most certainly never heard of these 3 small towns located inland just 30 minutes drive north of the city of Nice.

They may not be that well known, but are definitely worth a visit!

If you are looking for serenity, authenticity and nature, than these villages should be high on your list.

Many visitors prefer to spend their holiday in this vast region, to enjoy the beauty of the scenery and the quite environment, but still being within a short distance from the sea and the beach towns.

La Gaude, St-Jeannet and Gattieres offer quite a dramatic sight, as they are located close to the Baou, a huge rock formation, visible even from the coast.

When approaching the towns, they seem to be crushed by the scenery!

Hiking and biking is a very popular activity due to the rough but beautiful environment.

So if you are planning an active vacation, then the Baou region should not be missed.

After days of intensive sports activity in this part of the Pre-Alps, muscles often get tight and painful.

So regularly visitors book Deep-Tissue massages from Blue tree Massage in the comfort of their home.

We at Blue Tree Massage are specialized in Deep-Tissue massage.

sport massage at home for marathon

We treat many amateur and professional athletes, as well as people who have muscle aches due to bad posture or lack of exercise.

Deep-tissue massage if very efficient in treating muscles pains in the neck, shoulder, back and legs.

A wide range of massage techniques will be applied that will go deep into the muscle tissue and fascia to dissolve knots and eliminate toxins.

at home deep tissue massage

So when you are planning your next stay on the Cote d’Azur, why not stay in La Gaude, St-Jeannet or Gattieres and enjoy all that these towns and surroundings have to offer.

And treat yourself to a wonderful deep-tissue massage by Blue tree massage to make your trip complete!

Blue Tree Massage operates on the French Riviera, mainly in the Alpes Maritimes, in the principal towns along the coast (Cannes, Antibes, Cagnes Sur Mer, Nice, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Villefranche, Monaco, Menton…) as well as further inland (Mougins, Grasse, Valbonne, Biot, Roquefort les pins, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, Vence…).