Daily face massage tips to keep a fresh and younger look.

Treating yourself to a facial massage is a great way to pamper yourself with a little extra self-love every day.

These techniques are easy to learn and will give you a good base to extend your massage sessions with a professional massage therapist.

These techniques will increase your circulation and blood flow, which brings more oxygen to the area massaged in order to repair skin tissue.

This helps with the production of collagen and elasticity in your skin, while also allowing your skin to relax, detox and repair itself.

The next 3 steps combined will have the greatest results.

First we start with 3 lymphatic drainage techniques, then 2 skin massage techniques and finally, 4 acupressure techniques.

Before you start, it is important to wash the hands, face and neck thoroughly.

Then apply some face cream or serum in order not to put too much pressure on the skin.

Drink plenty of water before and after the massage.

The duration of a do-it-yourself face massage will be between 5 and 10 minutes.

This massage routine exercice is available in a video at the end of this article.

Step 1 Lymphatic drainage

1 Use your fingertips to stimulate the lymph nodes on your neck with small pumps and circles right under each of your ears. Use large downward circles, gliding your fingers and hands from the ear down the side of your neck. It is important not to use too much pressure.

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2 Press gently, pumping upwards just above the collarbone, moving your hands towards the chin, to encourage the lymph drainage.

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3 Next, use your thumbs underneath your chin and glide them upwards toward your ears.

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Step 2 Skin massage

1 Use the tips of two or three fingers, or your knuckles, and sweep from the centre of your chin, up and out along your jawline.

Move upward and repeat the motion from the corners of your mouth out toward your ears, then from the sides of your nose to your ears, and from your nose to your temples, using broad strokes.

Do at least 5 to 15 strokes.

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2 Continue making circular movements above your eyebrows towards your ears and around your eyes. Then make zig-zag movements on your forehead towards the ears and back to the centre.

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Step 3 Acupressure massage

1 Place your middle finger at the centre of your forehead, between your eyebrows, and gently massage it in counter clockwise circles. This will relax the skin and mind.

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2 Place both index fingers on your temples and make small circular movements.

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3 Then place your fingertips on your cheeks just below and in line with your pupils. Put slight pressure on the cheekbones in a counter clockwise direction.

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4 Move your index fingers to the corners of your mouth, massaging also counter clockwise and use light to medium pressure.

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Click on the following video to discover the above self massage techniques:

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There it’s done ! Your first facial massage! So, mirror mirror on the wall… What is the result?

For more information on anti-aging facial massage, you can consult our article “Anti-aging facial massage” or contact us.

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