The Ultimate Relaxation, a Californian Massage!

If you’re looking for a massage style that will stimulate all of your senses, touch your mind, body and spirit as well as leave you feeling totally relaxed….

Then a Californian massage is exactly what you need!

Californian massage is based upon Swedish massage and the two styles share several techniques. However, the thought process, application and philosophy is very different.

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The long, fluid movements in this massage completely sculpt and envelope the body. The comforting and reassuring touch of a Californian massage allows the recipient to let go of all tension and stress and promotes a feeling of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Unlike a Swedish massage where the body is divided into segments and the massage therapist doesn’t usually return to a segment of the body that has already been massaged, in a Californian massage the long movements can glide from one extremity of the body to the other.

What is the history?

The Californian massage was developed in the 70’s during the New Age period at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

This innovative and unique style of massage continued to gain serious attention throughout the 80’s thanks to people such as Ms. Margarethe Elke who was an important ‘ambassador’ of the Californian massage in the US.

During the 90’s it became more and more popular in America and Canada and was brought to Europe soon after.

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Due to its huge success today, all major spas and massage therapists worldwide have integrated the Californian massage into their menu and it has become one of the top 3 most demanded treatments.

What can I expect?

Californian massages usually last 1 to 2 hours. The recipient will lie face down and the therapist will begin with light movements applied with both hands.

Than a wide range of different massage techniques will be applied from neck to feet.

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Full body strokes are applied, with the therapist paying special attention to any tightness or knots.

Soft to medium pressure will be used according to the client needs and demands.

The recipient then turns over and the therapist uses the same methods on the front of the body.

What are the Benefits?

Californian massages are very relaxing. men and women of all ages have turned to Californian massage as it is highly effective at relieving tension and stress.

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When finished, the recipient will feel extremely mellow and his/her stress level will be greatly reduced.

This can help lower blood pressure and fight off other stress-induced illnesses. The massage also increases blood flow and circulation, which is essential for good health.

It is a form of massage that truly promotes healing and rejuvenation on physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels.