Blue Tree Massage offers bespoke massage treatments to fit your needs on the Cote d’Azur

If you love receiving regular massages but are having a hard time finding the perfect treatment for you, than a made-to-measure Blue Tree massage can be an excellent choice!

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Receiving massage is very personal, as we are all different.

So a standard Spa massage procedure may not be the most efficient solution for you.

At Blue Tree Massage all treatments are made-to- measure.

We listen carefully to what you expect from your session, so that each treatment fits your needs and meets your expectations.

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The next example explains for instance how a bespoke Blue Tree Massage is created:

‘’During the intake conversation the client demands a global, relaxing massage, so anti-stress Acupressure points will be integrated. Or maybe the upper back and neck muscles are painful due to sitting behind the computer, so deep tissue massage will be applied to relieve tension in these areas. If the client runs a lot, the leg muscles are sore, so sports massage will be used on the hips, legs or thighs. Perhaps the client prefers medium to hard pressure but less on the right foot due to injury. Another client loves the head and scalp to be massaged for 20 minutes at the end of the massage.”

Thus, with a specialized massage sequence, results will occur quicker and last longer as all the particular demands and problems will be treated.

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The client has given detailed information and will get the most out of the treatment.

At Blue Tree Massage, we believe that communication is a key factor in understanding the needs of each client in order to achieve the highest results.

Call us for more information about your made-to-measure treatment and discover how powerful your massage can be!