Best Deep Tissue massage on the French Riviera

Deep Tissue massage is a great way to treat knots, aches and other small muscular problems.

Surprisingly it can also be very relaxing!

When describing Deep Tissue massage, many often think of extremely painful treatments close to unbearable suffering.

best deep tissue massage le rouret

Sure, if muscles are sore and tight, working on them can be uncomfortable.

But one should never exceed an extreme pain limit.

This massage technique, when practiced with care and concentration, can also produce a high level of relaxation and wellbeing.

best deep tissue massage mougins

If specific painful areas are treated, it’s important to communicate, so the discomfort can be controlled without creating a complete contraction of the body.

Of course each client has his or her own pain limit and some prefer a higher degree of pain than others.

This is ok, although the main purpose of a Deep Tissue massage is not suffering but healing!

On the French Riviera, Blue Tree Massage specialises in Deep Tissue massage.

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Many clients often do ask for this particular treatment, as they enjoy a strong and deep muscle massage.

It is one of the most popular and most demanded ones, as aches disappear and muscles feel lighter and less tight.

Our clients benefit highly from the massages as they simply DO feel much better afterwards!

As the Blue Tree Massage treatments are made-to-measure, it is possible to mix a Deep Tissue massage with other more relaxing techniques like Acupressure, Swedish or Californian Massage.

Contact Blue Tree Massage and discover a wide range of treatments and possibilities to create the massage that fits you best.