Father’s Day, a massage for every Dad!

As you probably know, Sunday, July 18 its Father’s day. As each Dad is different, we at Blue Tree Massage propose a wide range of massage treatments adapted for every dad!

A sports Dad

If Dad is hooked to his favourite sport, he probably is used to exercise-related aches and pains. Nothing better in offering a sports massage before or after his training.

A Blue tree sports massage uses deep-tissue massage techniques to eliminate muscle knots and pain mixed with energising movements to increase blood and oxygen flow.

A stressed Dad

When Dad is stressed and tense, his energy level can be low and his mood grumpy. A Swedish massage is the cure! Swedish massage focusses on the head, neck, back and legs with smooth but firm techniques that calms the mind and relaxes the body. Stress can also cause slight muscle soreness which can be treated efficiently with a Swedish massage.

A tired Dad

When Dad has lots on his mind and has difficulties falling and/or staying asleep a Californian massage can do miracles. This deep relaxation technique is the perfect way to prepare the body and mind for a good night’s sleep. Californian massage is an efficient way to fight insomnia, by using slow and soft massage movements with light pressure.

Blue Tree massage proposes a large massage menu.

If it is hard for you to choose, why not offer a gift voucher. The voucher can be send by email or handed as a gift card. Dad will then choose the massage he desires most as well as the day and time. It’s the perfect gift for Father’s day! Order it here.