Acupressure for winter with one point in St Jean Cap ferrat

In winter the energy draws in: the pores close due to the cold; the decrease in sunlight makes us in need of rest and more sleep.

This is the time to charge up for the next cycle.

Which acupressure points can help you with this?

According to the Chinese teachings of the Five Elements, winter is counted as the element of Water.

This is the element with the strongest yin energy of all elements. This means that it is associated with rest.

Winter is the end of a period of growth and at the same time the beginning of the next period.

A very important acupressure point is Bladder 23″KIDNEY SHU POINT”

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Physically, Bladder 23 is used in shiatsu and other Eastern medicine to strengthen the kidneys, which preserve the basic strength of the body.

It strengthens the ki, life energy. It reduces unrest and is also frequently used for problems with fertility.

When the energy of the kidneys is weakened, this leads to feelings of fear or anxiety.

As the ki grows stronger, confidence in life increases and anxiety diminishes.

Bladder 23 is located on the lower back at the height of the waist, right next to the spine (1.5 thumb width – cun).

To activate this point, you can rub this area with warm palms until it glows (or ask your massage therapist to do it)

In this way, you massage Bladder 23, but also some nearby acupressure points such as Bladder 52 that support the functioning of Bladder 23.

Of course, consult your doctor for any diseases.

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