A well-deserved massage after cycling and hiking on the Col de Vence

The beautiful town of Vence on the Cote d’Azur lies 10 km inland at the foot of the slopes of the Pre-Alpes.

It’s the last city before entering a rough and empty land of rolling hills with little to no vegetation.

The most famous hill, although not the highest, is called the Col de Vence.

At approximately 1000 metres elevation, it’s a popular spot for cyclists.

Each day amateur and professionals enjoy riding the winding road up to the top and back.

The breath-taking views and beautiful scenery make the trip definitely worthwhile.

During the weekends and summer months don’t expect it to be a calm and tranquil destination, as hundreds ride the strenuous 14kms back and forth.

If cycling is not your thing, driving to the top is a good alternative.

From there one can hike for miles on almost flat but rocky trails.

There is a large choice of directions and distances, which all offer the calm and serenity of this intriguing environment.

In spring the plains are covered with millions of flowers, while in winter one can often find snow.

The evening summer lights are magical, while in autumn fog adds a certain mystery to the vast emptiness.

Many amateur cyclists and hikers come to Blue Tree massage in the nearby village of St Paul de Vence for deep tissue and sports massage.

sport massage vence

Clients benefit highly from the treatments, as it’s an excellent way to stay in shape and limit injury and aches.

Several clients run or cycle for marathon or Iron man practice, so they book the Blue Tree massage treatments regularly in order to recover from these intense sports events.