Souvenir of an afternoon massage on ergonomic chairs for a business event in the wonderful setting of “THE PREVERGER ” in the Var.

Congratulations to the Blue Tree Massage team for making this a successful event, and enabled 30 employees to be able to relax after intense work sessions .

Thank you to our Swiss customer for trusting in Blue Tree Massage.

testimonial : “We invited 6 colleagues of Roel’s from Blue Tree Massage to a company event of ours at a villa near St. Tropez. What a lovely surprise it was for our guests! It really set the event apart to include a wellness aspect. Roel was extremely responsive and professional during all of our communications and throughout the event. The Blue Tree team created a beautiful set up and looked so professional during the event! We heard great responses from our guests regarding the quality of the massages and many went back for a 2nd round! Thank you to Roel and team for such a smooth & wonderful treat!” N.GLASER 19/07/2016