Experience the ultimate relaxation by Blue Tree Massage.

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Blue Tree invites you to take part in an ultimate relaxation experience combining our personalised massages based on ancient massage techniques and the use of pioneering technology offered by Psio ©.

Combining these methods further enhances the experience and benefits of your massage.

This innovative product is unique in the world. The Psio glasses act as audio visual stimulators that prompt quick relaxation and slow down of the brain.

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They combine different types of relaxation and wellbeing techniques such as relax therapy, meditation, light therapy and chromo-stimulation, (stimulation through colour).

The glasses emit voice, sound and light in precise patterns that sync to the brain in a positive way that influences the neuron rhythms aimed to achieve deep relaxation.

The inner body deeply relaxes and recharges.

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The stimulation process follows 3 moment stages:

– In the beginning, the conscience becomes purely sensory and analytical thinking diminishes for the transformation into an audio-visual feeling. Music or the voices are heard more strongly, literally sensorially.
– Then, focus gradually lifts. The eyelids automatically lower while the stimulation continues to pass through and across them.
– Finally- Gradually the eyes fall into a total state of rest. The sensation of letting go is achieved.

For more than 20 years, Psio technology has been used with great success in hospitals, in particular, for the reduction of stress after local anaesthetic, in the recovery room, and in sleep laboratories. It is also used by NASA to test astronauts for jetlag regulation and stress management.

It has no danger or side effects! No medical prescription is necessary. However it is not suitable for anyone with epilepsy.

This is another unique experience offered by Blue tree massage on the French Riviera.