Our working partners are all specialists in their particular field of wellbeing and with whom we have developed relationships of trust, mutual respect and/or specifics offers.


Blue Tree Massage in partnership with Lumity Life

offers a revolutionary

concept of food supplement against aging

and for better wellbeing.

You can order directly with Blue Tree Massage. Ask for your SPECIAL CODE

and enjoy the benefit of one month free.


Lumity Life présents a ground-breaking anti-ageing supplement.

Created by Cambridge University scientist, Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD, its unique two-step formula ALL NATURAL works around the clock with your body’s natural cycles to deliver transformational results.
Lumity Life launched recently on  Harrods.comoffering unique capsules that are a scientifically-calibrated balance of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids and unique proprietary complexes supporting the body’s natural healing processes, working from the inside out to create smoother, firmer skin, higher energy levels, deeper, more rejuvenating sleep and stronger overall health.

Lumity’s unique 2-step formula works around the clock to deliver real results.

Three morning capsules activate energy production in your cells, to reduce tiredness and fatigue, they repair and protect against oxidative damage, support a healthy immune system and metabolism, while promoting healthy hair, nails and skin, by contributing to collagen production.

Three bedtime capsules continue to protect against and repair damage to the body while helping to naturally promote the release of human growth hormone to renew and regenerate all the body’s tissues.

Incorporate Lumity’s revolutionary beauty secret into your daily routine and discover that life with Lumity is more than beautiful skin.

Lumity is a new inner glow. Don’t go another day without looking and feeling your best.

Essential inspirations, Founded by Marianne Just-Meyer and Christian Meyer, distributes ‘Young Living’ essential oils. The leader of pure essential oils of the highest quality.

Blue Tree Massage uses ‘Young living’ in its home made massage oils. We are aware that using excellent products will highly contribute to the well-being of our treatments. For that reason we have decided to become an active member of the Young Living community. This in order to propose daily to our clients high quality products that will preserve their well-being.

In partnership with Essential Inspirations, we propose you to discover the entire well-being collection of Young Living.

For each order or request, please contact Blue Tree Massage  or Essential Inspirations.



Naomi BUFF has been presenting superfood workshops for 3 years to her Monaco clients and consults with various top restaurants in Monaco including Bouchon, Mozza and Beefbar where her delicious recipes can be found on the menus as the healthy option.

She has an online superfood shop and is the creator of the Naomi’s Kitchen blog and many delicious healthy recipes.

Naomi offer to Blue Tree Massage clients a “basic membership” for 65€ instead 79€ http://www.naomis.kitchen/memberships/ or contact us to receive your subscription code.


Based close to Monaco, Nicolas, personal trainer, working with the most luxurious hôtels of the French Riviera, offers you the opportunity to try his very successful sport training !

It combines sport interval training (boxing, jump, step,…) and muscles work (push up, TRX, free weights…) to burn a maximum of calories while drawing muscles.

Ambassador of the slimming program for L.Raphael Spa at the Hotel Martinez in Cannes, he created a unique concept of Fast Weight Loss, by choosing 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month program…

In partnership with Blue Tree Massage, he suggests you complete your fitness program with massages tailored to your needs.


Magazine for yachting professionals on the Mediterranean.  www.onboardmagazine.fr

Luxury Services Agency for professionals and private clients.  www.c5s-luxury-services-concierge.com

Luxury rental villas on the French Riviera. www.john-taylor.fr

Boat rental services. www.bednboats.com

Hotel & Restaurant in La Colle sur Loup. www.hotelabbaye.com

SuperYacht directory. www.yachting-pages.com

Charming and luxury guest house in La Colle sur loup. www.laforgedhauterives.com

Yoga teacher and Reiki therapist on the French Riviera. www.revitalize.fr

Directory of services for Cannes, dedicated to Yachting and congresses. www.cannes-i-get.com

Luxury rental villas on the French Riviera. www.michaelzingraf.com

Chances for Children is a Monaco registered charity and an Ugandan NGO that raises money which goes to supporting, running and financing a children’s orphanage in Uganda.. Chances for Children

French Fédération of Wellbeing Massage. www.ffmbe.fr

More than a guide, discover Nice in a different way. Nice Code

The Collective OM Team is made up of wellbeing professionals specialized in yoga, massage, reflexology, diet, therapeutic practice and meditation. Brought together to create an enjoyable and educational environment and to encourage the employers to de-stress and build a positive energy at work.